Fittings for connection for pipes of various materials

Coupling with pull-out restraints

Code No. АТА 07264


  • For installation on cast iron / ductile, steel, Asbestos-cement, PE and PVC pipes
  • Produced in accordance with EN 14525: 2004
  • The body, closing ring and clamps made of hot rolled structural steel in accordance with EN 10025- 2:2019 or ductile iron in accordance with EN 1563:2018
  • Epoxy paint surface protection of min 250 μm in accordance with EN 14901:2014 or black thermoplastic confirmed by an accredited laboratory issued health safety report
  • Operating pressure PN10, PN16, PN25
  • Galvanized steel or cast-iron pull-out clamps
  • EPDM rubber seal in accordance with the EN 681-1:1996 with an accredited laboratory issued health safety certificate
  • Angle deviation (deflection) 3°

Technical description:

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