Fittings for connection for pipes of various materials

Tensile restrained coupling for Hdpe and Pvc pipe

Code No. АТА 07286


  • Body and end ring are produced of ductile iron material ENGJS- 500 (GGG 50) according to EN 1563:2011 standard
  • Couplings for PE and PVC are produced according to EN 14525:2004
  • Protection with epoxy coating or thermoplastic coating with black color confirmed with health inspection certificate
  • PN16 working pressure.
  • Equipped with steel zinc plated bolts, nuts and washers
  • EPDM rubber seals according to EN 681-1:1996
  • High Tolerance mechanical pipe fittings
  • Angular deflection +/- 4⁰

Technical description:

 Download Tensile Restrained Coupling for HDPE and PVC pipe